About Us



DUBOIS – La Maison de la Noblesse

“Dubois” is a business dedicated to wood work and designs for every taste. Our various services include local manufacturing and international shipping.
As a part of Herro Home Holding, “Dubois” is flexible enough to meet the needs of its clients and to satisfy them by every possible mean.
This 5.000 m2 space, head-quartered in Blat – Jbeil, holds within almost 20 years of experience in all kinds of wood work and designs, and it certainly is flexible enough to please different clients with different perspectives.
With the coherent team of “Dubois”, our various wood species and custom stains remain the best at fulfilling the customers’ desires, at a very possible price.
With the best team work, the finest quality and the classiest work techniques, “Dubois” aims to satisfy its customers by the simplest means.
Quality is our prime goal, and the neat execution of our designs is our matter. We target people’s needs and embed their personalities in our products so that it reflects the realistic part of them. The ease of use and installation of our products helps the client in being comfortable with our designs. At the end of the day, “Dubois” cares for its customers.


“Dubois” is not only known for its wood work but also for its high level of class and luxury in wood designs. As a team, our mission is to work professionally in adding elegance and value to our products at a very reasonable price.


We boost the highest standards of integrity in our work, as we are committed to serving the best products with a high quality that delivers premium value to our customers.